Wall Calendar 2018 Bubble Pink / Muddy Black

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Birthdays, anniversaries and other dates: This wall calendar reminds you of the really important things in life – and it does is beautifully simple. It comes with 100 Post-it notes, each with a hole to mark and label single days throughout the year. The number of reminders and notes will grow over the year and turn the wall calendar into a great, stylish and individual wall object. You can chose to hang it in portrait format or in the landscape way. Any way – it will make the next year an extraordinary one.

The products have been printed on FSC-certified recycled paper, carbon neutral, packed in material from renewable raw materials and processed carbon neutral.

Size: 34 cm × 98 cm
Calender on both sides, front in portrait, back in landscape format
Landscape: Bubble Pink with dates in english
Portrait: Muddy Black with german dates
on Circleoffset Premium White (FSC recycled paper) 140g/qm
100 Post-its 2,5 cm × 3,8 cm, white with a hole
Packaging: rolled and wrapped in paper